Are you struggling with the basics of using a computer?

Are you self-taught and really don’t know what you are doing?

Our Computer, U & Me is all about teaching you the foundations of general computer use.  You will learn the ins and outs of a Microsoft Windows based computer, basic trouble shooting and how to use the most common apps.  Ideal for someone new to computers.


If you have your own laptop, then we highly recommend to bring that or else we can provide you with a device.  Also, bring your smartphone, if you have one.


U & Me

Leadership Workshops Training Blenheim


Leadership workshops training Blenheim

     ou will learn:


  • Windows – how to use

  • Effectively manage and use files and folders

  • Internet – how to use

  • Download and save files and images

  • Using a pen drive & drop box

  • Tools such as calculator and the snipping tool

  • Antivirus and the importance – good email practices

  • Using wifi

  • Windows shortcuts

  • The basics of apps like Outlook, Word & Excel

  • Troubleshooting your computer


       enefit from:


  • Increased confidence in using a computer

  • Learning tips and trips, making you more efficient in business

  • Upskilling yourself or staff in a customized format

  • Addressing issues or questions pertaining to you and your business

  • Personalised one-on-one private training

  • Learning shortcuts, functions and apps to save time and increase productivity



Leadership workshops training Blenheim
Creating the Right Stuff - Duration & Cost

Duration:  2 hours



Cost:  $260 plus GST per person

Where: Sass Boardroom


If you would like to have a workshop just for your business, contact us to talk about group pricing.



Leadership workshops training blenheim