There is no looking back to the old way of managing invoices and receipts - if you are looking to increase your bookkeeping productivity then Hubdoc is the solution for the problem that for years you didn’t realise you had.

Perfect for small to medium sized business or sole traders - Hubdoc is a cloud based software that extracts the information from your receipts and invoices quickly, accurately and efficiently, it then publishes it directly to your accounting software.

What does this mean for your business?

  • No more data entry of invoices or receipts

  • No more having to print all of your invoices

  • No more having to keep all of your receipts

  • Hubdoc holds all of your invoices, statements and receipts for 7 years (IRD requirements)

  • Hubdoc even pushes the copy through to Xero so you also have all of the documentation there, against each transaction

  • Saving your precious time

  • Saving your costly ink

  • Reducing and even eliminating manual data entry errors!

Transform your productivity with Hubdoc.


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Timely Certified Accountant Blenheim

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Timely Certified Accountant Blenheim



Timely Certified Accountant Blenheim



Timely Certified Accountant Blenheim
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  • Management of your expenses: No matter how you receive your invoices and receipts - Hubdoc can handle them. The software extracts all the key information for you - say goodbye to manual data entry.

  • Productivity on the go: Having both Hubdoc and Xero in the cloud allows you to access your accounts wherever you go - never forget a receipt or miss a bill again.

  • Xeromatch: Automatically match your paid invoices and receipts to your bank feed in Xero - saving you even more time on your bank reconciliation.

  • Automatic publishing: Set up Auto-Publish to automatically send your receipts and invoices over to your Xero account as soon as they are ready.

  • Safe tax authority-compliant storage: Safe, secure storage of your invoices and receipts for 7 years (IRD requirement)

  • Receipts, invoices, credit notes, remittance statements...: Hubdoc works brilliantly with all accounts payable.

        e can set up your Hubdoc and then train you on how to use it.


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