📣 Do you want to learn the common legalisation that people get wrong?


📣 Do you want to become more confident with processing payroll?


📣 Are you self-taught and don't know what you don't know?


Our Payroll, U & Me, is exactly as it sounds.  It is just you, our trainer and your Payroll system. We will answer your burning questions that relate to you, your business and your Payroll and will also teach you the common legislation that tends to trip people up.  You will even walk away with a FAQ fact sheet to help you with these tricky questions later on.  It's your training session, so you call the shots.  Or we can work through our training format, or a mixture of the two.

There is no need to bring your own device, as the training will be in our dedicated one-on-one training room.  Unless, of course you prefer to use your own device.

Payroll, U & Me

Leadership Workshops Training Blenheim


Leadership workshops training Blenheim

     ou will learn:


  •  Anything you like pertaining to Payroll

  • Anything you like pertaining to payroll legislation

  • Any content from our Xero Payroll and common legislation workshop


Leadership workshops training Blenheim

       enefit from:


  • Knowing the common legislation that trips people up

  • Ensuring your payroll is set-up properly

  • Knowing how to manage payroll items

  • Knowing how to set up and edit employees, including pay templates

  • Knowing how to enter and process subcontractors with withholding tax

  • Being confident completing a pay-run and filing of PAYE

  • Knowing about one-off pay-runs and when to use them

  • Understanding how to manage and process all leave, including what to do when working public holidays

  • Knowing what reports to run and why

  • Tips & Tricks to be more efficient



Leadership workshops training Blenheim
Creating the Right Stuff - Duration & Cost

Duration:  2 hours


Cost:  $260 plus GST per person

Where: Sass one-on-one training room



Leadership workshops training blenheim