We specialise in digital marketing to help your business thrive!   We like to ensure you not only have a good website, but your potential clients can find your website using the latest 'super awesome' tools that are available to us.  




         e use beautiful customised templates and tailor them to your specific corporate colours, logo and requirements. We work with a designer for customised graphics and prefer to use WIX, which offers a vast array of exciting design features.


You can either provide us with the raw material for the content and/or we can visit your business to gain a thorough understanding of your operation and prepare professional content taking care to include identified keywords for SEO.


As well as designing our own Sass website,

see more of our designs here:



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     ometimes, describing your business in a fresh, interesting and enticing way is very difficult. You are so close to what you are doing that you sometimes miss the 'wood for the trees'. That's when you should outsource your content writing to someone independent, who can write your message clearly and with fresh eyes


We can attend to all your content writing needs across all print and electronic marketing material.


Don't leave it to chance - you've only got one opportunity to make a lasting first impression. Get in touch today to see how we can assist you.







         riting articles and submitting them to magazines, ezines, or newspapers; or just writing your weekly blog can be time-consuming and hard if you're not a natural writer. Being in touch with your industry all the time, you will see lots of opportunities to let your clients know the latest trends, technology or updates. This is great marketing.


Articles are also a great way to promote new services or products on offer, perhaps as part of a wider campaign. Again, they are a way of highlighting your presence in the market, being perceived as an expert in your field and showing that your company is being innovative. You can also use them in other marketing forums such as Facebook and, if they are newspaper or magazine articles, on your website.


If you provide us with the raw data, we can wave a wand over it and turn it into magical marketing messages that leave your customers and potential customers wanting to contact you to know more. And that's "job done".





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   s your business social?  Love it or hate it, social media is here to stay and you ignore it as a marketing tool at your peril!  Facebook is now the largest social networking site and has become a powerful tool to engage others and spread the word of your business, products, services and knowledge.  Now you don’t have to labour over learning how to ‘post’, ‘like’, ‘share’ or set up ad campaigns; we can take care of that for you!


Often people ask, but does it really work for businesses?  And we say yes it does!  By being social, you are giving a human face to your business, sharing your knowledge, building a loyal group of followers where they will spread your word for you!  The best part; it really is cost-effective.

We can help you with all your social networks; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+.   We also highly recommend GoogleAds and setting up both Facebook and GoogleAd campaigns that follow your leads where-ever they are i.e. Facebook or Google etc.


Often with new technology, once you get used to it you wonder how you ever did without it, not to mention seeing the extra, low-cost marketing you can do, all of which assists your SEO ranking (and if you don’t know what that terms means…contact us)! 



Our services include:


Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google+ Set-up

Ad Campaigns, including remarketing campaigns

Strategy – what, who, how and outcomes

Posting – you define how often

Responding to comments and feedback






      etting up a website takes a lot of time, effort and investment. When it finally goes live, you feel proud – and rightly so. And then that’s the end of it, right? Wrong!


Your website is your virtual shop, whether you sell products or services. Your Home page is your front window that people walk past, virtually-speaking. How enticing is it? How up-to-date and fresh? Why should anyone want to enter your online store? Your website is ‘alive’. It needs to be regularly and consistently updated with such things as sales, bargains, one-off specials, news, blogs and new images/projects – to keep it fresh and interesting. We don't mean clutter – brevity, pictures instead of words, brief narrative, white space etc. are still principles to strive for in making comprehension easier.


Regular updating will also help your search engine ranking.


Outsourcing this activity to Sass is a smart choice – we have the expertise and the ‘fresh pair of eyes’ to perform this function efficiently and regularly.  Contact us today for more information.




         uch like a website, a marketing plan is not a 'set and forget' resource but one that requires continual reassesment. It makes sense to update it annually in light of changes in market conditions and product or service lines.


Your marketing plan is a road map that not only outlines the direction you want to head in (the action steps towards defined goals) but also describes the market topography in which you operate, both at macro and micro levels. This document will be a component of your overall business plan.


Your marketing plan will cover the following aspects:


Describe and define your product or service

Determine your product/service pricing

Describe your distribution channels

Describe and analyse your market

Determine your marketing goals

Define, describe and segment your target market

Determine a marketing budget and how it is to be spent

Outline a promotional strategy

Describe your point of difference

Describe your branding and core values


Contact us to start your marketing plan today.






       othing says 'professional' like quality promotional material that is well-designed and well-written.


Despite the trend away from paper to electronic information, the 'company brochure' is still a critical part of marketing literature, as is the business card. Your brochure must succinctly and clearly set out your service or product in a compelling way - both visually and its written content. It should be included in all sales (enclosed with the purchased product) and enclosed with an invoice or report.


It needs to be in electronic form for easy emailing and uploading directly from your website (see ours in the footer below). 


It needs to be current, fresh and attractive. We would be happy to show you some samples.


Contact us today.




      mail newsletters are a great way to keep in touch with clients and should always be client-focussed. Hopefully, you leave your readers knowing something new about you!


Critically, email newsletters keep your name, branding and message in front of your customers' eyes in the hope that when they need the product or service you offer, your company is top-of-mind. This has even greater impact when email newsletters are part of an ongoing marketing campaign so that the synergy of your marketing efforts is greater than just doing any one aspect.


We have all come to expect email newsletters to be beautifully presented, easy to read, have useful links to appropriate landing pages, and contain eye-catching images and graphics. We can help you set these up and run monthly campaigns.


Get in touch today.




Who are we ?

      ompany profiles are important documents that are often used in submissions for work or to give to potential clients. They should be available in both electronic and hardcopy form and need to be almost like a precis of your website.


We can design and write your company profile,

covering such areas as:


Your company history

Your company values and vision

Your mission statement

Details of the services or products you offer


Staff profiles

Contact details

Logo and tagline

Awards/industry recognition

Partner organisations


Contact us if you would like us to help you create this essential document.


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