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Nurture Change – What’s in it for business owners?

Everyone hears the saying ‘work on your business, and not just in it’; and Nurture change helps you achieve that. In fact, it is a whole lot more than working on your business, but working on yourself. Let’s face it, how often do we truly get the chance to spend a decent amount of time to think about what we want in our personal and business lives as well as have the opportunity to network with likeminded individuals.

If you haven’t heard of Nurture Change, check out It is an annual 4-day conference based in beautiful Fiji. They refer to it as a ‘bizcation’ – half conference/half relaxation.

Nurture Change for me was about taking the time to think about what I want in life, both short term and long term and then think about how does my business fit around that. It was great to step back from my business and start to think about and plan, how can we innovate further to help both us and our clients achieve our successes?

I highly recommend all business owners taking the time to attend either Nurture Change or a similar conference where you get a good mix of relaxation, networking and inspiring speakers and topics.

I would like to share some of the ‘gems’ I have taken away from the conference. None of them are things I didn’t know, but it is great to be reminded of them.

  • Create a ‘dream’ management team – ensure you surround yourself with people better than you, that believe in your vision and can help you get there

  • Take time away from your business every year to plan and strategise (give Nurture Change a try)

  • Own your mistakes and learn from them

  • Don’t bother trying to control the things you can’t, and certainly don’t worry about them

  • Grow through letting go – if you don’t, you will suffocate your business

  • Look in the mirror and ask yourself ‘what am I crap at’, then delegate it out

  • Trust your gut feeling

  • What are your non-negotiables, and stick to them

  • Happiness is the journey, not the end result

  • Innovate, innovate & innovate

  • It is no longer the biggest business that wins, but the fastest to change and innovate

If you can’t attend something like Nurture Change, then maybe just a weekend away to the beach or somewhere you love, that makes you feel happy. Take a business book and with no pressure get your brain thinking differently and start thinking about you and your business wants and goals. Or maybe a weekend away with a business associate that you can brain storm with. You just never know what might come from it….maybe, your next ‘great’ business idea or even just some clarity if you are feeling a little lost.

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