RISE Scholarship 2019 Update

October 17, 2019

Earlier this year, Mikaila Thompson, won our Rise Scholarship, which gave her $2,300 worth of training throughout the year!  Mikaila has certainly had a busy year and is now coming to the end of her scholarship.  With this end in mind, we will be opening nominations for the 2020 scholarship on 4 November. 


Check out the testimonials we have received from Mikaila so far.  Click here for more information on our RISE Scholarship.  


Testimonials from our 2019 scholarship winner:


 Xero Basics+ Workshop “The Xero Workshop was really good. I learnt a lot of good tips and tricks that I will be able to apply to the workplace one day. I have learnt so much already through this scholarship, so I am really excited for the Microsoft Word workshop that is coming up soon as this is predominantly what I use on a daily basis for my study”. 

Microsoft Word Beginner to Intermediate Workshop “The course was fantastic! I learnt so many great tips and tricks that will save me lots of time. I can't wait to put them to use”. 

Microsoft Excel Beginner to Intermediate Workshop “I really enjoyed the workshop. There was definitely a lot more information than I was expecting, but it was awesome, and I learnt heaps”.

Master Your Financial Skills Workshop “The workshop was really good! I knew a bit about the content that was covered already, but the way Kelly explained certain things made my understanding a lot clearer. What I have learned from this workshop will definitely help me with my studies”.

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