We are very fortunate to work with some fantastic businesses and a number of them have kindly given us testimonials to share with you. Read what they have to say about us.

MCN moved to Sass from our accountant of 7 years because they didn't just offer us our accounts on an annual basis, but proactively looked forward to how our business can improve and what we need to do to get there. We started using Sass in 2006 to do some of our daily bookkeeping due to staff shortages and we are now outsourcing all our accounting needs, daily, annually and payroll. By being proactive around our finances Sass have helped us grow our business, something that we have not received from our accountant in the past. The team at Sass speak plain English and are always willing to go that extra step, which is the difference between service and 'great' service. They make you feel like they understand your business and the needs associated with it. We love the fact that they are not only our accountants but also our business consultant and mentor in one. They manage all of our business planning and HR needs. If you are in business, you need Lisa and her team. They are the difference between surviving and success.  


Bronwyn Mir

Managing Director

MCN Blenheim

When I set up my business in 2010 Sass came highly recommended to me as the people to manage the business aspect of the firm. They have certainly lived up to their reputation. Lisa, Sarah and Kelly have managed everything from week-to-week invoicing of clients, to annual accounts, debt collection and business management. Their expertise is invaluable to the running of our business and their ability to take on the challenges presented by a law firm, such as trust accounting and legal aid invoicing, ensures that our time is better spent doing what we do best - practising law. Not only do they manage the business, they assist in the ongoing business growth and planning, providing strategic planning and ensuring we stick to the strategies! I cannot recommend them highly enough.  



Caroline McCarthy


McCarthy Law Blenheim

If anyone asks me what is the best operational thing that we have done in our business, it is that we have out-sourced our accounts processing to Sass. By doing so, we no longer have problems ensuring our staff and creditors get paid efficiently. Kelly completes our monthly reports, which I quickly analyse, and any concerns can be then managed immediately. If financial management of your business is not your favourite job, then hand it over to Sass; they will look after it better than you will, and it isn’t as expensive as you think!



Sara Archdale


Marlborough Sounds Adventure Company Picton

My partner and I have a number of small businesses. For the past four years or so, Sass have provided our bookkeeping services with which we have been very satisfied. We were delighted when Sass began to offer tax accounting services as well as we had not been satisfied with our accountants. 2010 was the first year Sass dealt with our tax and we have been pleased with the way Lisa Johnston, Kelly Miller and the team have handled the transition from our previous accountants, the way they have dealt with queries and ironed out any issues, and the speed with which the year end was completed. We would recommend Sass as a highly professional business services company.

Hazel Kirkham


Over the past two and a half years Lisa Johnston from Sass has provided us with efficient and effective advice and service. Lisa is committed to understanding our specific business requirements. She has developed useful systemised solutions along with targeted reporting which has enabled us to manage our business efficiently. We have received accurate payroll, bookkeeping and accounting services. Practical advice supplied has led to positive HR solutions fostering employee accountability resulting in increased business productivity. Consultation is always customer focused and results driven. Lisa’s honest, direct and professional approach is valued by our business.  



Tim & Louise Laing


Evolve Inspired Jewellery NZ

I chose Sass to create my new website, as right from the beginning they understood exactly what I was after, and had plenty of great ideas to add. They made the whole process very easy, both Lisa and Shelley were great to work with, any questions I had were always answered promptly. Not only did they create a great website, they also sorted out a new logo, designed and organised new business cards as well. The website has only been live for a short period but has already received plenty of positive feed back. Thanks to the team at Sass, I would highly recommend them.  



Travis Taylor

Certified & Licensed Builder

Travis Taylor Builders Blenheim

We utilise the services of Sass for our monthly business planning and have done for over a year. It is great to have someone who is not in your business to take an overall look at your business, to look at it from a different angle, to help with new ideas. It gives you renewed energy to tackle issues that have to be done. Taking the time to work on your business is so important, having the planned meetings helps with the discipline to actually do it, not just talk about it! Our business is so much stronger because of it; we recommend it to anyone who wants a healthy and well functioning business.



Barbara Mortensen


Focus Labour Solutions Blenheim