Timely is an appointment scheduling system that makes organising your staff, clients and suppliers effortless and on track across computers, tablets and phones. It takes care of bookings, repeat books, multiple services, products, point-of-sale, invoicing and online payments. Automatic SMS and email reminders help reduce no-shows, saving you time and money.


Timely also has a reporting system that gives you an overview of your business, financials, staff utilisation, booking analysis, and more.


We use Timely for our appointment bookings and as a Certified Partner, we can help set up, train and support you, helping you to get the most out of this cloud-based system.


Timely Certified Accountant Blenheim

Booking Appointments, Sending Reminders, Booking Analysis

Timely Certified Accountant Blenheim



Timely Certified Accountant Blenheim
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Timely - Key Features



Timely Certified Accountant Blenheim

    o find out more about Timely go to www.gettimely.com.


Or contact us to arrange a demonstration.

  • Calendar: Your Timely calendar is a beautiful way to organise your bookings


  • Reminders: Make sure your customers never miss an appointment with automated SMS and email reminders


  • Customers: Securely store your customers' details and keep a complete record of their bookings and purchases


  • Online Booking: You have the option of allowing customers to book online through your website or Facebook


  • Sales: Handle point-of-sale, inventory, invoicing, payments, discounts, commission and more


  • Marketing: Take bookings through your website or Facebook, and reach out with email or SMS marketing


  • Management: Handle your staff and rosters, and get reports on business financials and performance


  • Mobile: Access your bookings from your phone or tablet — your customers can book from their mobile devices too


  • Add-ons: Connect Timely to Xero, Google Calendar, MailChimp, Vend, MYOB, Google Contacts and more.




Timely Certified Accountant Blenheim
Timely - Set-up & Training

        e can set up your Timely and then train you on how to use it.


Call us today to find out more.​