With payroll and accounting as one, it's easy to process payroll, pay KiwiSaver, and send payslips to your employees.  With your payroll information seamlessly updated into the general ledger, there's no need for manual data entry.

We can assess your needs, set up Xero and Xero Payroll, and provide you with training and support. Because Xero is easy to use, we find that 2 to 3 hours' training is usually all that is needed (depending on how quickly you learn new software).


Being a Xero Certified Gold Partner, we work with Xero on a daily basis. We certainly can help you get the best out of your Xero.

Xero Accounting Certified Blenheim

Payroll software to make the pay run seamless

Xero Certified Accountants Blenheim



Xero Certified Accountants Blenheim

    o find out more about Xero go to www.xero.com.


Alternatively, Xero have setup 'Xero TV', which is a series of short webinars on the different elements of Xero. Check it out here


Or contact us to arrange a demonstration.




Xero Certified Accountants Blenheim
  • It can be accessed from anywhere that has an internet connection

  • Manage employee pay with ease - do weekly, fortnightly and monthly pay runs with automatic PAYE, ACC, KiwiSaver and student loan calculations

  • Payday filing sorted, Reports automatically to IRD every pay run

  • Payroll information is seamlessly updated into the general ledger, so there's no need for manual data entry

  • Employee self service, view payslips, enter timesheets and request leave online

  • No software installation or updates to worry about




Xero Reviews
Xero Certified Accountants Blenheim

     uite often we find that Xero and Xero Payroll has been set up incorrectly or is not being utilised properly or to its potential.


We can review your Xero and Xero Payroll, provide recommendations and follow up with changes, training and support.

Xero Set-up & Training

        e can set up your Xero and Xero Payroll as a new business or existing business using an existing accounting package. We can then provide you with the necessary training to manage your day-to-day accounts and payroll.

Training plan includes:

At our office or yours or virtually

One-on-one or group training sessions

Call us today to book your session.




Xero Certified Accountants Blenheim