Do you have specific questions pertaining to your Xero?

Do you want one-on-one training on your Xero?

Do you prefer customised training to your requirements?

Our Xero, U & Me is exactly as it sounds.  It is just you, our trainer and your Xero organisation. We will answer your burning questions that relate to you, your business and your Xero.  They can be questions on your Xero or good bookkeeping practices.  It's your training session, so you call the shots.  Or we can work through our training format, or a mixture of the two.

There is no need to bring your own device, as the training will be in our dedicated one-on-one training room.  Unless, of course you prefer to use your own device.


U & Me

Leadership Workshops Training Blenheim


Leadership workshops training Blenheim
Leadership & management workshops training Blenheim

     ou will learn:


  •  Anything you like pertaining to Xero

  • Anything you like pertaining to good bookkeeping practices

  • Any content from our Xero Basics+, Intermediate or Advanced Workshops


Leadership workshops training Blenheim

       enefit from:


  • Increased confidence in using your Xero

  • Upskilling yourself or staff in a customised format

  • Addressing issues or questions pertaining to your business, your Xero

  • Personlised one-on-one private training

  • Learning some great bookkeeping best practices

  • Streamlining your business accounts by learning the quickest ways to manage tasks

  • Learning the most efficient way to action something in Xero



Leadership workshops training Blenheim
Creating the Right Stuff - Duration & Cost

Duration:  2 hours


Cost:  $260 plus GST per person

Where: Sass one-on-one training room



Leadership workshops training blenheim