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Ysite - Unlimited Support

What is the Ysite?  It is Your Site that is available to you 24/7!  The idea is that the Ysite is your go to place to find out anything you need, even when our offices aren't open.

We have developed our own cloud platform for our subscribed and fixed fee clients.  Think of the Ysite as the person that holds your hand throughout the year and supports/trains you in the areas that you are subscribed to.  Got a question, then search the FAQ, submit us a question or even give us a phone call if it is urgent.  


All clients that sign up to a SassAccounting fixed fee, will get access to our standard features below.   If you are not a SassAccounting fixed fee client, you can sign up to any of our subscription areas and also receive access to all of the standard features.

Standard features:

  • Training videos - added to on a regular basis

  • Free templates - includes HR, business and marketing - added to on a regular basis

  • Important news

  • Quick access to our events

  • Plus more...

Subscription areas:

  • Accounting/Tax FAQ and Ask - Unlimited support

  • Bookkeeping FAQ and Ask - Up to two mini Xero reviews per year, Xero training videos released on a regular basis and unlimited support

  • Payroll FAQ and Ask  - Up to two mini Xero Payroll or PayHero reviews per year, Xero training videos released on a regular basis and unlimited support

For more information, see the below screenshots, FAQs and short video.  You can also book a demo.


Frequently asked questions

How many FAQ are there in each section?

Each area i.e. bookkeeping, payroll and accounting currently have over 50 questions and are growing. As we receive questions, we are adding them to our FAQ. We don't believe it will take long until each area has over 100 and so on. We will constantly be reviewing and updating these to ensure the information is up to date and relevant.

Can you search the FAQ?

Yes, there is a search function, which also has the questions broken down into categories. We have tried to make it as easy as possible to locate any FAQ in relation to your question.

What happens if I can't find my question/answer?

You can submit a question and state whether it's urgent or not urgent, or call me. We always endeavour to respond within 24 hours, if not sooner.

What do you mean by unlimited?

It means that you can submit as many questions as you like. There is no cap. However, it is a fair usage policy as if we deem there is a major training issue, we reserve the right to recommend and quote one-on-one training.

With the monthly subscriptions, are you locked in for a certain number of months?

You are locked in for the first initial six month and thereafter, you can cancel at anytime by giving 30 days written notice. Unless, you have signed a 12 month fixed fee, then it becomes part of the 12 month fixed contract.

Can I get a demo?

Absolutely, down below you can click on 'Request Demo' or email us directly at asking for a demo. You can come to us or we can do a live demo via a webinar. We would love to show you around our Ysite.

Is the subscription price per user, or per company?

It is per company, however, in the event you have more than one bookkeeper or more than one payroll administer (for larger companies), there could be a second-tier fee for these additional users. We can create more than one login for your staff, so they don't have to share logins.

If I 'Buy Now', how will payment work?

You will be required to enter in your credit card details where we will take payment within 24 hours. Once the payment goes through you will be emailed your login details. Each month your credit card will automatically be charged on the same date i.e. if you subscribe and first payment goes through on the 15th, then each monthly payment will happen on the 15th. Payments will continue until you cancel in writing with 30 days notice.

Is the support just via email or can it be via the phone?

We do prefer that questions are submitted via the Ysite Ask form, however, there are a couple of options. You can submit for a 'Call Back' and we will ring you. Or when super-duper urgent, you can ring us directly on our dedicated Ysite support lines.

What are the training videos?

These are short videos covering all sorts of tips and tricks to help you become more efficient. They cover topics such as Outlook, Excel, short cuts and efficient apps to use within your business.

What are the different ways that you provide support?

When you submit a question, we can either reply via email, give you a call or even remote into your computer and show you what you need to do.

The pricing for the Ysite is dependent on whether you are a fixed fee client through one of our other services (i.e. SassAccounting, SassBookkeeping etc) or an individual subscriber to the Ysite.

Fixed Fee client:

  • Ysite standard (Accounting & Tax FAQ & Ask) included in your fixed fee

Subscriber to Ysite Only:

  • Accounting & Tax FAQ & Ask - Between $25.00 and $99.99* + GST per month

  • Bookkeeping FAQ & Ask - $49.99 + GST per month

  • Payroll FAQ & Ask - $49.99 + GST per month

For more information on how the subscriptions work, please see above FAQ's.

* this is dependant on the type of business i.e. sole-trader vs company and size of business.  We recommend contacting us to get an actual quote.

PLEASE NOTE: By completing your purchase, it means you accept our Terms of Use.