Many people underestimate the need for up-to-date efficient accounts, or more often, don't have the time to input, obtain and analyse the information. It is vital to the success of any business that accounts are regularly reviewed and analysed, whether on a day-to-day, weekly or monthly basis.


Our bookkeeping services ensure your accounts are always up-to-date, giving you the knowledge to make informed financial decisions for your business. You have your own accounts manager, who will manage all of your bookkeeping needs.


We can provide our services at your office, or remotely at ours, or a mixture of both and your dedicated account manager is available to you Monday to Friday. We fit in with what works best for you.​

Because we love bookkeeping so much and are passionate about people getting it right.  See below where you can receive our '12 Must Know Bookkeeping Tips'.

4 simple steps:

Step 1: Start with a free consult. We learn about you and your business and you learn about what we can do for you.  We agree on a plan that suits you.

Step 2: Send your invoices and receipts to us by taking photos of them via your phone or tablet app or email them to your dedicated account email address.

Step 3: We process your accounts, take care of your data and payroll and you take care of your business.  Just sit back and relax. 

Step 4: We provide you with reports in a way that you understand.  We tell you the good, bad and ugly. Not only do we tell you, but we support and help you.  We are your partner in business.

Sass Bookkeepers Blenheim
Sass Bookkeepers Blenheim





Debtor Management & Debt Collection

       ur debtor (client invoices) management services focus on getting you paid correctly and on time. That's both billing on time and receiving on time. Although it is the lifeblood of your business, finding the time to do your invoicing is always a challenge. Do you leave yours to the last minute? Why not outsource this task to Sass so you can get on with what you do best.


As for chasing debt, it is a perennial time-waster. Are you sick of chasing clients on overdue accounts? Or do you not even chase them and just hope that eventually they pay you? 


Our experienced accounts managers can manage all of your debtors from creating and sending out your invoices, sending out statements to following up your clients (emails and phone calls) when they have not paid on time. 


The number one killer of cashflow is not having good debtor management. We ensure that invoices go out quickly and overdue invoices are chased up to help you get paid faster. We believe in educating your clients (in the nicest possible way) that they need to pay on time. We find that we achieve better results than our clients debt collecting their own money. We aim for overdue debtors of less than 10%.


Services include:


Data entry – timesheets, stock etc.

Preparing and sending out invoices

Sending out monthly statements

Debt collecting via emails and phone calls

Dealing with any invoice or account queries directly with your clients


You don’t have to worry about a thing. You won’t be chasing us…we will be chasing you for more invoicing! And what's more, we can do it all, or just one component. 


Call us today to find out how we can take the stress out of managing and collecting debt.


     ight now, do you know who you owe money to, how much and when it’s due? Have you ever paid an invoice twice because you didn’t know this? Are your purchases entered correctly to ensure that your reports are correct?


With our creditor management services we can take care of it all. Our focus is about freeing up your time, keeping on top of your creditors, keeping you informed, ensuring you are claiming all expenses correctly and paying your creditors correctly.



Services include:


Collating and entering creditor invoices

Reconciling against statements

Monthly payment report

Uploading of payments to bank


Call us today to find out more about our creditor management services.




Creditor Management




Bank Reconciliations & GST

         hether it is MYOB, Xero or a similar program, we can take care of all of your bank reconciliation needs (bank, loan and credit card accounts). Depending on the size of your business, we will keep your accounts up-to-date on a daily, weekly or monthly basis ensuring that all accounts are reconciled at the end of every month. 


We learn your business inside out to ensure that we are handling your transactions correctly.  If we are ever unsure, then we will ask you. Our aim is to get your GST processed as early as possible so you are aware of your financial commitment. The best thing is, you don’t have to chase us. More than likely we will be chasing you, if need be. We will manage preparing and filing of your GST return and even upload the payment. 



Services include:


Data entry of transactions

Daily, weekly or monthly reconciliations

Preparation and filing of GST returns

Uploading payment to bank


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       ny business that employs people must deal with payroll, PAYE, holidays, sick days, Kiwisaver and keeping up-to-date with legislative changes. Whether you employ only one person or 500, we can take care of your complete payroll needs. 

We maintain your employee records, holidays, sick days etc. and complete your regular pay run. This includes providing payslips, management reports and direct pay to your bank. We even process your PAYE for you. We take the time and worry out of your payroll processing.


We take care of:

All employee records




Holiday pay/sick days


Direct pay to bank


Call us today to find out how we can take the stress and worry out of your payroll needs.

Data Entry/Misc Admin

   n addition to our bookkeeping services,


We can:


Enter time/materials from timesheets

Create spreadsheets

Complete stock takes

Enter stock take results

Export/import data

Perform job costing

Exporting, analyse and interpret information

Filing & archiving


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