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Introducing Sass’s newest workshops

Excel 2016 Beginner +, Excel 2016 Intermediate & MS Word 2016 Beginner – Intermediate.

Our 6.5-hour workshops have been designed for people wanting to learn the true capabilities of what Microsoft Excel & Microsoft Word can do. Often with these programs we are self-taught or just aren’t aware of the many functions these programs can do; which enable us to be more efficient at performing tedious tasks and also gives us the confidence to create professional documents and worksheets.

We were often asked whether we ran workshops in both MS Word and Excel and as there was such a demand for this type of training we have created these latest workshops. Originally, we developed an Excel 2016 Beginner – Intermediate workshop but found that there was a need to split this into two separate workshops as the intermediate level contents was too advanced for the basic level excel user.

If you are unsure where yours or an employee’s skill level sits, we are able to use skills testing to help you choose the right workshops/training needs, if you would like more information about the skills testing please contact Lisa on 03 928 4277.

For more information about these or any of Sass’s workshops, head to our website. We offer all our workshops as one-on-one, private group trainings or can even tailor-make a training session to cater to your requirements.

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