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5 Steps to Systemise Your Business

Lisa and Kelly share their tips on how to systemise your business so you can NOT be there!

If we asked you now ‘if you had to unexpectedly take 2 months off from your business, what would happen’? Are you freaking?

We can guarantee if you follow these steps you will have a well oiled business where you can take time off and the business will continue to run.

One: Systemise your business - You need to systemise your business – everything that is done within your business needs to be turned into a system where anyone can pick up any task

Two: Review Processes and create procedures - Every time you do a task that needs to be repeated, you need to review that process (take out any unnecessary steps) and turn it into steps that anyone can do! The next time you that particular task, write up a procedure and even better take a video of it!!

Three: Use Screen Castify - We highly recommend using Screen Castify, which has a free version, or any other similar program, to record your screen and talk through your procedure. You can get your VA or office staff to then type up the procedure from that video. We prefer videos, but written instructions are good too. Even get your staff involved by systemising their jobs – next time they need to do something, get them to record themselves doing it. You can also use workflow diagrams where decisions need to be made and checklists can be helpful.

Four: Use a shared location for all procedures - Have all of your procedures stored in one location that all staff can access, with different rights, and where they are easy to locate. We use Google Docs as it is easy to setup and free. However, you could use Sharepoint, if you have it or one of your server drives, if you have a server.

Five: Delegate - Now that you have it recorded as a procedure, delegate it to another staff member. You should not be doing any of the day to day work within the business!! Ideally you are just running from the higher level and maybe back filling you staff, if ever needed.

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