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Top Ten Tips to Find More Time & Balance

Lisa and Kelly share their top ten tips as a business owner to become time efficient and find more time and balance between home and work. Check out the video or read the below.

  1. Delegate – learn to become good at delegating. List down all of your jobs and highlight the ones you SHOULDN’T BE DOING, then delegate. Train your staff with all of your knowledge and make them better than you. Even develop training videos so they don’t have to come and ask you…they simply watch the video.

  2. Tame your inbox – unsubscribe to emails you shouldn’t be receiving and clear your emails daily – the key is to keep on top of them. Schedule in time when to clear, opposed to constantly checking throughout the day…maybe, first thing in morning, after lunch and end of day. Another good tip is to use email rules to do the work for you!

  3. Automate – list the areas that are manual and take too much time, then figure out how you can automate – you will be surprised at what can be automated now. Research cloud based systems that can do the automating for you. Our favourites are MailerLite and Zapier.

  4. Hire a VA – it is now cost effective to hire virtual assistants (overseas). Find someone that is already doing it to get recommendations/ideas, then get one. You can just start with part-time and you will be surprised what they can do for you i.e. email and calendar management, research, typing, social media etc. You can pay as little as $10 per hour!!

  5. Work Remotely – ensure you have the ability to work remotely as sometimes we need to get away from the office to get things done, not only that, but it gives us flexibility!

  6. Finish Early/Start Early – consider going to bed early and getting up early to tackle tasks with no-one around you. Most of us are far too unproductive at night, so if you need to work extra hours, early morning is best!

  7. Calendar – use your calendar to schedule your tasks, priorities and plan for each day. Use it as a set and forget, so you don’t need to worry/think about it, until your calendar tells you.

  8. Have ‘you’ time – make hard rules on your working hours and stick to them i.e. no working after 5pm, no working weekends. Your business will suck up as much time as you are prepared to give it.

  9. Default diary – if you have to work both on and in the business, then you must schedule in ‘working on’ the business as default time that you cannot change i.e. could be Friday – no client work, 100% working on the business.

  10. Clear desk – always start and end with a clear desk. Clear desk, clear mind and you will more than likely stick to and achieve your plan for the day. At the end of the day, clear your desk, clear your inbox and ensure your calendar is up to date, so you are ready for the next day.

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