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Savvy Social Media Marketing

Due to demand, in 2019 we developed our ‘Savvy Social Media Marketing’ workshop and ran our first workshop as a one-on-one at the end of 2019, with great success! We are running our first open workshop on the 14th May 2020 from 9am to 3pm (if this date is too far away, let us know as we can either do as a one-on-one or if we get enough interest we can open up another date sooner). This really is the ultimate social media workshop, focussing on Facebook and Instagram. You will not only learn how to setup and administer, but we show you a variety of other tools/platforms (mostly free) that will help you create stunning and engaging content. There is also a huge focus on how to and when to use ads and also how to target people whom have already visited your website – this is called retargeting.

You will be required to bring in your laptop and smartphone, and have your logins to your social media accounts as this is a hands on workshop. If you don’t have social media accounts setup, no problem, as we take you through that too! It caters for both people that do and don’t currently use social media.

We are also excited that through the ‘Management Capability Development Voucher Funding’, you may be eligible to get up to 50% off the workshop. It really makes it affordable.

You will learn:

  • Why use social media

  • How to setup Facebook and Instagram correctly

  • How to create stunning images & videos for (posting on) social media

  • How to create stunning cover pictures

  • How to create and use keywords

  • How to setup your Facebook Pixel for retargeting

  • How to setup custom audiences

  • How to setup (both) Facebook and Instagram ads

  • A free platform to use for posts across all your social media platforms

  • What content to post and when

  • Call to actions

  • How to get more followers

For more information and to book, click on this link:​

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