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Our Nine Time Management Tips

Do you relate to any of these?

  1. There is never enough time

  2. Make unrealistic time estimates

  3. Put off difficult tasks until later

  4. Finish things five minutes before they’re due

  5. Often late for meetings or rushing to get to them on time

  6. Often end up working long hours

  7. Feel stressed and overwhelmed

Then you need to improve your time management skills!!

Our nine time management tips!

  1. Spend time managing your time - use an electronic calendar and spend time each day reviewing and updating

  2. Deal with difficult tasks first - you are more productive first thing in the morning, getting on to things early sets a great tone for the day - avoid the temptation to deal with the easy, quick tasks or things you like first

  3. Schedule/prioritise and forget – avoid dealing with things straight away if they don’t need to be - learn how to prioritse i.e. urgent, important, not important

  4. Schedule in ‘reactive time’ daily– urgent things that pop up

  5. Schedule in ‘leadership time’ at least twice weekly, if in a leadership position

  6. Don’t try and jam too much into your day or you won't achieve it!

  7. Last thing to do at the end of the day is prepare for the next day i.e. review calendar and ensure up to date and realistic and even a quick look at the rest of the week

  8. Declutter your emails by moving to something like Microsoft Teams for internal communication

  9. Develop great email management strategies i.e. review at certain times, only touch an email once, deal with it and clear etc..

REMEMBER, you must spend time on managing your time!!

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