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Why it's So Important to Regularly Review and Update Your Website

Think of your website as the front window to your business, most people will do an online search for products or services, so if you aren't online your customers aren't able to find you.

A poorly designed website with hard to use navigation bars, unpleasant colours, not mobile friendly and with long winded contact forms can cause visitors to leave a website without giving the business a chance.

It is really important you review your website frequently, making sure the content is relevant, looks fresh and not outdated and that it is user friendly.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Not many people realise this, but if you never update your website then your search engine ranking is likely to drop over time. That’s because search engines look at how often a website is updated as a sign that it’s active and fresh. If you haven’t updated your site for three years then understandably search engines will see it as being neglected and less worthy of a good ranking.

If you would like a thorough review of your website get in contact with us


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