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What Is, And How Do We Manage Domestic Violence leave?

What is Domestic Violence Leave?

  1. The act gives employees affected by domestic violence (could even be a child that they support) the right to take up to 10 days of paid domestic violence leave per year

  2. The affected employee can also ask, in writing, for short-term flexible working arrangements, for up to two months

Key Points:

  • It doesn’t matter when the domestic violence took place

  • Only entitled to it once they have worked for more than 6 months and at least an average of 10 hours a week and must have worked 1 hour each week or 40 hours each month

Quick Glance Process:

  • The employer can ask the employee for proof (from police, doctor, support organisation or support person) – must be within 3 days of request

  • The employee has 10 working days from request to provide the proof

  • Employer must respond within 10 working days of receiving the proof, or initial request if don’t require proof


  • Didn’t get proof within 10 working days, without reasonable excuse (same with leave)

  • Inability to reorganise work among existing staff

  • Inability to recruit additional staff

  • Detrimental impact on quality of work

  • Detrimental impact on performance

  • Planned structural changes

  • Detrimental effect on ability to meet customer demand

If you ever have a staff member request Domestic Violence leave or a flexible working arrangement, and want some advice, please feel free to give Lisa a call on her DDI on 928 4277.

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