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Maximizing Employee Engagement - Week 2

Here is the second installment of our six blogs outlining key steps to maximize employee engagement - with the help of one of our clients Chris Elphick, Director of Pacific.

Tip 2 - Consult with your staff

One simple way to keep your staff engaged is to ask them for their opinions. This could be about what you are doing, the equipment you are using, things could be done differently.

If you spend a lot of time out back in the office rather than on shop-floor, ask your staff for any feedback or observations that they (or customers) have, and if there are ways you could improve or change the way you operate.

Whatever kind of business you run, hold regular staff meetings to discuss how things are going, and talk about what changes you could make or new services you could introduce. You could also get a suggestion box, or use a white board to create a staff suggestion wall.

This week, why not implement a suggestions box or whiteboard and see what your staff have to say? Here's a hint: Making it an anonymous forum can help staff feel more comfortable about coming forward with ideas!

Be sure to check in for next week's tip, where we talk about the importance of taking your staff seriously.

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