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Maximizing Employee Engagement - Week 3

Here is the third installment of our six blogs outlining key steps to maximize employee engagement - with the help of one of our clients Chris Elphick, Director of Pacific.

If you missed the previous blogs, don't forget to go back and check out weeks 1 & 2

Tip 3 - Take your staff's suggestions seriously

Asking your staff for their ideas and opinions is one way of keeping them engaged. But you need to take their suggestions seriously, if you want to keep them engaged.

It’s important to pay more than just lip-service to the idea of consultation. Ask for your staff's opinions in a genuine way. Encourage discussion about any suggestions or ideas with them and other staff. If you like what you hear, run with it. If you think it won’t work – or you don’t have the resources to carry it out – give a good reason why.

How do you encourage suggestions in your business?

Be sure to check in for next week's tip, where we talk about the importance of rewarding hard work.

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