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Maximizing Employee Engagement - Week 6

This is the final installment of our six blogs outlining key steps to maximize employee engagement - with the help of one of our clients Chris Elphick, Director of Pacific.

If you missed the previous blogs, don't forget to go back and check out the last 5 weeks!

Tip 6 - Motivation needs to be on-going - a way of doing business!

We can’t switch it on when we feel like it – if you want to keep your staff engaged and

continually get the best out of them then you need to be a motivating leader and you will have

to work hard at it.

Your reward will be a team of loyal people always prepared to go the extra mile for you.

But, instilling motivation isn't easy!

To get you off to a great start, try some of these tips....

- Be a better communicator - Communicate frequently and actually speak face to face with your staff

- Set the example - You can't expect your staff to work hard if you don't

- Empowerment - Allow your staff to have more say in how their job is done

- Provide incentives - Incentives are always motivation boosters

You spend more time with your staff each week than you spend with your family! It's important to put steps in place that will make your staff excited about coming to work everyday. We hope the steps from the last six weeks will put you on the road to maximizing your employee engagement and creating a happy, healthy working environment.

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