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Plan Your Year Now

Around three years ago, my husband and I started planning our year out at the beginning of each year - we ensured we had this done by 31st January.

We purchased a big 12-month wall calendar and started thinking about and adding on, all the things we wanted to do during the year. First, we started with marking out school holidays and public holidays. We would then add in potential overseas holidays, weekends away tramping, events such as running, mountain biking and any renovations or R&M we want to do around the house. We also wrote down any other goals we wanted to achieve. Straight away our leave is booked for the year! Once we started doing this, we found we achieved so much more and we would look back on the year and think 'Wow, what a year. We did so much, and it was an awesome year'.

Take action now:

- Buy a big 12-month calendar

- Mark out school holidays (if applicable to you), public holidays etc

- Start writing a list of what you want to achieve and then start planning it out on the calendar

- Book in leave for the year

- Regularly review your calendar/list of goals and update as need be

Now, of course everything doesn't always go to plan and unexpected things pop up, so you do need to be flexible and don't beat yourself up if you don't achieve everything. It really is just about pre-planning (being proactive) and getting you to think about the goals you want to achieve and that can be personal, business and family goals.

Good luck and get planning!!

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