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If Your Business is On Lock-Down; Our Tips to Work on Your Business

If your business is in total lock-down, I would use some of this time to work on the future good of your business. Maybe, you have struggled to 'work on' your business and now you can. Ideas are:​

  • Strategic planning

  • Marketing planning

  • Scoping & developing new products or services

  • Creating or updating your budget/cashflow

  • Website updates or planning

  • Learning a new skill

  • Researching ways to streamline your business and make more lean

  • Researching/learning new software to help streamline/automate your business

  • Start thinking more innovative and maybe anticipate the changes to your industry once we are on the other side

​Of course, spend time with your family, but maybe continuing a work type routine would be good for everyone to help feel a little normal. If you are going to work from home, setup that routine and talk with your family so they are aware and to not interrupt you.

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