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Additional Xero login security is now available.

Your business can be stopped in its tracks if someone gains access to your account through hacking, phishing or other cyber attacks. The good news is that many data breaches can be prevented with simple actions, such as using multi-factor authentication (MFA). This year, all Xero users will need to set up and use MFA to log in to Xero – it puts an extra bolt on the door to keep your data secure.

To make MFA easy, you can choose to use the new Xero Verify app that authenticates your Xero account. How to set up MFA ● Have your smartphone on hand and make sure you’ve downloaded Xero Verify from the Apple or Google app store, or your authentication app of choice ● If you don’t have access to a smartphone, you can use Authy, a desktop authenticator Log in to Xero from a laptop or desktop computer and follow the instructions on the screen Xero Verify will send a push notification to your mobile device when you log in for a fast, easy and secure way to authenticate (the app also generates codes in case you don’t have internet access). If you don’t have access to a smartphone, you can use Authy, a desktop authenticator. Setup only takes about five minutes and gives you the convenience of a simple login process plus the peace of mind that goes with a second layer of security. Who needs to use MFA Users who don’t need to log in to Xero, like payroll employees and those who use the Xero portal and Ask portal, won’t need to set up MFA. Find out more For videos, FAQs and more, visit the MFA web page. If you need some help, this troubleshooting article will come in handy or you can contact us


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