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4 Great Reasons for Using Debtor Daddy

Of all the myriad tasks involved in running a business, chasing debt has to be one of the most unpleasant. Non-payment by due date conjures all sorts of doubts: Did they actually receive the bill? Were they unhappy with the product/service received? Did it just slip their mind or get lost? Do they disagree with the invoiced amount? Are they in financial difficulty? And so on. Because it’s uncomfortable, chasing the debt is easy to delay, but that simply won’t do. Every day the bill remains unpaid costs you money. Chasing the debt costs you money. Enter Debtor Daddy.


Debtor Daddy is a system of debtor control that automatically reminds customers to pay. It keeps track of what is due and sends out reminders in a systematic way. You also get email notification before the reminders are sent, so you always know what’s happening.


It synchronises with Xero accounting software; all you need to do is reconcile your bank accounts and Debtor Daddy does the rest. You can set up scheduled reminders to keep abreast of what is going on. You can see what is scheduled to go out tomorrow. You can see instantly what is overdue and take immediate action. All these features leave you able to get on with what you love to do.


Reminders to clients for payments don’t have to be negative. Customised reminders enable you to include all the invoice and payment term details you want while framing the message eloquently, consistently and persistently until you are paid.


The effect of tailored, friendly, firm or even funny reminders can jolt debtors into paying and at the same time build their loyalty. The approach you decide to use for each client is automatically remembered in the future.

While Debtor Daddy can’t guarantee you won’t have to send the debt off to a debt collection agency, it can certainly take away the unpleasantness and time-wasting of chasing debt.

We have been trialling and using Debtor Daddy since March 2015 and have found that we now spend less time following up our clients about overdue debt. In fact, we find them following us up and payments are coming through quicker than ever! We love it, our clients love it, and so will you. The monthly fee is low and it is quick and easy to set up. For more information check out their website by clicking here and be sure to contact Lisa on 577 7128 for our special pricing.

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