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Maximizing Employee Engagement - Week 4

Here is the fourth installment of our six blogs outlining key steps to maximize employee engagement - with the help of one of our clients Chris Elphick, Director of Pacific.

If you missed the previous blogs, don't forget to go back and check out weeks 1, 2 & 3

Tip 4 - Reward staff who work well

Rewards are an important way of keeping your staff engaged and boosting morale. The simplest – and cheapest – reward is a heartfelt thank you. Always thank your staff when they do a good job, or go the extra mile.

You can also offer more tangible rewards. These include:

  • monetary rewards or bonuses

  • time off

  • tickets to an event or a movie

  • free meals

  • staff get-togethers

  • get-togethers involving staff and their families

  • education for children

  • books, DVDs

How long has it been since you shouted morning tea for your staff, or taken them out for a drink after work to thank them for a job well done?

Be sure to check in for next week's tip, where we talk about the importance of staff training.

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