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A Cloud Based Chat App That's Replacing Email!!!

Is email dying... due to Slack helping businesses with email workplace sanity? Some businesses have even completely ditched email and started using Slack for 100% of their electronic conversing. So, what is slack? It is a chat app that can plug into many other apps such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Salesforce etc. Slack allows you to chat with one individual or a group of individuals so everyone can join the conversation. It is a quick and easy way to communicate with your team. No more emails to open, reply, cc, close, delete etc. Slack brings about transparency where everyone can see what everyone else is working on and the status of things are more visible. Great for working on projects etc.

We moved to Slack just before the earthquakes in late 2016, it was a great communication tool, where within minutes everyone was conversing through slack. No need for multi phone calls or emails to figure out what was going on with staffs’ safety and work. It certainly has reduced our internal emails as well. With our Slack we have created what you call ‘channels’ such as; invoicing, good news, marketing, management, within those channels only the applicable people are joined and can see those specific channels. This not only helps us quickly communicate with the right people, but also all the right people can see the conversation. You can easily search and go back to previous conversations.

Slack offers a ‘free’ initial package for small businesses wanting to try out Slack for an unlimited period of time. Yes, unlimited period of time!! So get slacking today!!

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