New Workshop – Bookkeeping Master Class A Success

We are excited to bring you a new workshop – Xero Bookkeeping Master Class. Whilst this workshop is based in Xero, Xero is only the vehicle – the main focus is on ‘how to’ bookkeep like a professional. There is an art to bookkeeping efficiently and accurately, saving you both time and money. Often we find that people who are in a bookkeeping position are self-taught or taught by some-one that was self-taught. You don’t know, what you don’t know.

Our workshop will teach you the bookkeeping process that we have fine-tuned over the years! We had our first full workshop this week and are really pleased with the flow of it, and the feedback from the attendees. Our next workshop will be the 15th October and have no doubt that will be sold out too.

This is what one of the attendees said "I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and got so much information out of it. This is exactly what I have been wanting to learn. I now have the tools to make our business run more efficient. Kelly was great too for advice" Leanne G

Just to give you a bit of insight on what you will be learning, see below. Or click on here to find out more.

What you will learn:

  • Introduction to bookkeeping – what a bookkeeper should be doing daily, weekly, monthly, bi-monthly and annually

  • Bank Coding & Reconciliations – coding transactions, best practice for GL coding, how to setup bank rules, how to correctly reconcile an account monthly and common coding issues

  • Creditor Management – entering creditors, how to correctly reconcile against statements, common issues to look for, reporting and exporting for payment