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Our Xero Payroll Workshop Now Includes Legislation

When it comes to payroll, half the battle is using the program, then the other half is understanding our payroll laws. You can’t successfully process payroll without fully understanding both. We commonly see people getting the basics wrong around annual leave, public holidays, sick days etc, and now we also have the new domestic violence leave to contend with.

With our workshop we will start off with covering the common legislation that we see people get wrong and you will even walk away with a FAQ sheet. Plus we have updated (as we do on a regular basis) to ensure we include any recent developments within the program.

We will teach you the best way to use Xero payroll to ensure 100% efficiently:

• Common Legislation

• The set-up area

• Managing payroll items

• Adding and editing employees, including pay templates

• When to use the employee notes

• How to enter and process subcontractors with withholding tax

• Completing a pay-run including the automatic filing of PAYE

• One-off pay-runs and when to use them

• Managing timesheets including how staff enter, when not to enter, approval through to paying

• Managing and processing all leave, including what to do when working public holidays

• Reporting

• The Employee Payroll Me App

• Tips & Tricks to be more efficient

For more information or to book on our next Xero Payroll workshop click here.

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