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2020 RISE Scholarship Winner!

Announcing the winner of our 2020 Rise Scholarship - Roxanne Phipps!

When we met with Roxanne we were really impressed by her drive and determination, running three businesses (Marlborough Wedding & Events, RB Catering and Haven Café) all whilst juggling raising a young family.

Not only that, but we discovered that Roxanne is a bit old school and manages to run her businesses without the use of any project management software/CRM systems, not even a spreadsheet.

We strongly believe Roxanne will benefit from this Scholarship, we are looking forward to arming her with tools to help her implement efficiencies in her business, automating repetitive tasks, fool proofing procedures and ultimately reducing her workload so she can reap the benefits of a good work life balance.

Left to right: Roxanne Phipps (RISE Scholarship Winner), Tamsin Clark (Office Manager, Opt 4 Personnel).

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